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Ice Cream Mix

Our quality ice cream mix is sold to wholesalers and mobilers alike from Cumbria and Peterborough in the North to Stonehenge and South Wales. It is packaged in 5 litre plastic bottles and has a ten day shelf life after production. It should be stored in a fridge at 40c or less and can also be frozen for future use. Our soft mix can be relied upon to work in all ice cream machines and can be found on ice cream vans, in cafes and buffet style restaurants.


Scoop ice cream

Our scoop ice cream is extremely tasty and comes in convenient sizes for your home - fridge or deep freezer. We also produce scoop ice cream for trade customers from ice cream vans to cafes, shake bars and restaurants.


Gelato di Parma

This is our luxury ice cream brand. Available at outlets across the North West including restaurants, cafes and tourist attractions. This large range of exciting flavours is packed either for scoop ice cream or catering use.


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