Lewis Bros Ice Cream was founded by the Manfredi family in 1886 and is still a family run business today. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, the keenness of our prices and our excellent customer service.

The early days of the late 19th and early 20th century saw the Manfredi family sell ice cream from carts in the northern towns of Lancashire and Cheshire. After various changes in the location of the business Louis Manfredi founded the modern day Lewis Bros which he established on Bewsey Road in Warrington, in 1967.

louis-cart-wafer-thmbLouis Manfredi

Prior to this Louis had a long family tradition of selling ice cream from his ice cream cart and would be seen in the Golbourne and Earlestown area on his pedal bike using the phrase "Stop me and buy one".

In their Bewsey Road factory Louis and his wife Maria produced hand-made ice lollies, including the famous Teddy Bear, Screwballs, Push Ups and Family Blocks which are still seen today in shop freezers. The taste for these special products spread and due to Increasing popularity and high demand there was a need for the premises to move to a larger purpose-built factory a short distance away on Lilford Street. These premises consist of extensive cold storage facilities, cash and carry warehouse and large dairy to manufacture the ice cream.

This is where we find ourselves today. Louis sadly passed away in 2006 but his wife Maria continues the hard work and determination to make Lewis Bros a success.

Obviously, since the early days, things have changed, but our promise to provide customers with 'the best there is', at the best price possible, has never faltered. Sticking to this philosophy has seen our excellent ice cream mix and scoop ice cream being sold across the UK from Cumbria to Stonehenge.

We pride ourselves on delivering our products directly to our customers and enjoy providing a service at a range of events and parks across the North West of England. We can be seen at all major events in the Warrington area including the Warrington Horse Show, Orford Park and Warrington Walking Day festivals, Classic Car Show and Disability Awareness Day.

In recent years, we have extended our ice cream manufacturing to the deluxe end of the market and introduced the 'Gelato di Parma' range. Made with a traditional Italian recipe, our Gelato di Parma scoop ice cream is proving popular in many outlets including cafes, restaurants and tourist attractions.

We have a fleet of frozen delivery vehicles, operate mobile van sales in certain areas and we have customers across the North of England and UK wide.

Our telesales staff will be happy to take your order and we will deliver it the next day in most cases.


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